High Transfer Value, Rans Cilegon FC Cancels Bringing Mesut Ozil

Warta Global – RANS Cilegon FC, Raffi Ahmad, has given up on signing Fenerbahce midfielder Mesut Ozil. The reason is because Mesut Ozil’s price is too high.
 As is known, the Indonesian football public was shocked by the revelation of Raffi’s intention to bring Mesut Ozil to RANS Cilegon FC. The arrival of Mesut Ozil to RANS Cilegon could break the Indonesian football transfer record if this ambitious transfer materializes.
 Transfer fees are a problem. As reported by Transfermarkt, Mesut Ozil is estimated to have a price of 3.7 million euros or approximately Rp. 60 billion + salary of 3.9 million euros or approximately Rp. 63 billion per year with Fenerbahce.
 In total, RANS Cilegon FC needs to spend Rp. 123 billion if they want to bring in the German player. This figure is of course still only an estimate.
 “It’s expensive, I’ll do it later,” said Raffi Ahmad, reported by Youtube Jebreeet Media.

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